Berlin Unlimited - Workshop  Thessaloniki in the Extremes – International Urban Design Masterclass Smart Community and Sustainable Development - International Summer School Berlin Unlimited - Exhibition Symposium Workshop Events UT2010 / Urban Fragments / archIV+ with E. Boumpari, T. Dounas, N. Iliadi, S. Xanthopoulou, A. Zacharakis UT2011 / Urban Fields / D. Mancini, M. Cardoso, B. Turcano, S. Passerini, G. Bevanati UT2010 / Athens Spaltung / F. Micocci UT2011 / Rhythms and faces of an accidental place / Simone Ludovico, Lucia Zanettichini UT2010 / Mythestórema: Fantas(ma)tic Sections / Maria Michou

we want answers

We aim to understand cities in their complexity as interactive systems.
Our research is directed towards what lies underneath the apparent urban order; how does each city evolve; how does it create prosperity?

we keep good company

Our international programme of
public events, such as exhibitions, workshops, and conferences, brings together people and institutions who share a common interest in the city and its development.

we draw ideas...

…for creating successful places; places that are environmentally and socioeconomically sustainable.

We see urban design right at the heart of the engine that drives urban societies and economies.

we play - and it works

Our work is a play between research, public engagement, and design practice.

We aim at innovative solutions which respond to the urban challenges of the future.

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Berlin Unlimited – Workshop

Berlin Unlimited Workshop An International Workshop on the City 3 – 9 October  2014, Berlin, Germany Architects, researchers, artists, a DJ, a social scientist and a journalist, are the international team of tutors leading the… read more »