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we want answers

We aim to understand cities in their complexity as interactive systems.
Our research is directed towards what lies underneath the apparent urban order; how does each city evolve; how does it create prosperity?

we keep good company

Our international programme of
public events, such as exhibitions, workshops, and conferences, brings together people and institutions who share a common interest in the city and its development.

we draw ideas...

…for creating successful places; places that are environmentally and socioeconomically sustainable.

We see urban design right at the heart of the engine that drives urban societies and economies.

we play - and it works

Our work is a play between research, public engagement, and design practice.

We aim at innovative solutions which respond to the urban challenges of the future.

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Thessaloniki in the Extremes – final recap

  “Thessaloniki in the Extremes” was an international Urban Design master class open to students towards the end of their studies, recent graduates, and professionals, in architecture and urban design. Organised by Urban Transcripts and… read more »