Trencin, SK | 2014

Trencín, city on the river

International competition
February – April 2014
Trencín, Slovakia

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 The competition

The city of Trenčín (57,000 inhabitants) is a compact historic city on the River Váh, forming the administrative centre of Trenčín Region and a natural landmark within the wider area. Strategically, the city is located on the border with the Czech Republic, within an hours’ drive from the capital city of Bratislava. Trenčín has a unique panorama formed by the castle fortress on top of a rock and the city has an interesting history and pleasant atmosphere.

Currently, Trenčín is facing changes connected with the relocation of the railway track directly within the city centre as part of the modernisation of the European railway corridor, with planned completion in 2016. Through the competition, the City of Trenčín sought fresh and innovative urbanistic solutions to overcome transportation barriers and connect the historic city centre with the riverfront, enhancing the city’s expression and thus encourage its growth.


Our work

UT team
Project leader – Carlos Alvarez
Coordinator – Jorge Lopez
Associates – Marc Baillargeon, Stephane Delaye, Ota Malousek, Yiorgos Papamanousakis

We approached this competition as a unique opportunity for transforming Trencin into a city with a top class quality of life for its citizens and a world-class destination for international visitors and businesses alike: a sustainably led urban redevelopment scheme with the potential to transform the city far beyond the project’s immediate space and to decisively shape its long-term development.

The central concept was to re-balance the urban activity between the two banks of the Vah, by considering the riverfront a generator for the city as a a whole. The disparity between the poorly equipped North bank and the over-privileged South bank hindered the city’s potential for a long-term sustainable development. Our proposal aimed to integrate the North bank into an urban system much greater than a monocentric expanse dominated by the old core of the town. We aimed to transform the North bank into a location that not only matched the old core in terms of quality of urban environment, but also contributed  to the city’s prosperity.

For the full proposal (text), please CLICK HERE (pdf in English)
For the full proposal (masterplan), please CLICK HERE (pdf in English)