Neapolis, GR | 2015

Neapolis Coastal Zone

2nd prize awarded in national competition in Greece

View - west sector

The Harbour Management Organisation of Monemvasia called for proposals for the revitalisation of the town of Neapolis, Greece, through the functional and aesthetical upgrade of its 1.5km coastal zone. The coastal zone constitutes the ‘core’ of Neapolis in terms of spatial structure, concentration of functions and attractors, and contact with the sea; its design affects and is affected by the various spatial scales that constitute the whole settlement of Neapolis.

The proposed solution included the development of macro-planning strategies towards the future spatial and socioeconomic ‘sustainable’ evolution of the town, the urban design of the waterfront public space, the management of the port, circulation and local functions and the management of the waterfront building facades.

Avoiding holistic design approaches, the main principle of the proposal was the application of local and flexible design rules that take into account the characteristics of the actual localities that synthesise the waterfront. Examining carefully the actual spatial and socioeconomic conditions of Neapolis and facing its waterfront as a critical zone of intermingling of urban functions and leisure for both inhabitants and visitors, the proposed design intervention reconstructs the limit where the urban element meets the sea through the use of an organic wood ribbon that gets constantly reshaped, absorbing the surrounding dynamics and responding to the local needs.

Overall, with the use of simple elements the proposed solution does not only aim at boosting the sustainable and controlled development of a “destination” that currently only acts as a “passage”, but mainly at rediscovering the place’s own identity.

project team
Design: Silvia Lacatena, Athina Vlachou
Consulting: Maria Michou, Yiorgos Papamanousakis
Visualisation: Eleni Papageorgiou, Stefanie Pesel, Natalia Stepanova