Athens, GR | 2010

Athens, urban (r)evolution through individual spontaneity in the absence of planning

exhibition, lectures
16 – 26 December 2010
Athens, Greece

From a small provincial town of no more than 10.000 people in the 1830s, Athens has transformed and reinvented itself into one of the greatest and most densely urbanised territories in Europe, home to an estimated 5.000.000 people. This process has mainly been driven by an accumulation of non-planned individual and spontaneous interventions rather than institutional planning policies; more often than not, planning followed what had already been rather than determined what would follow. The contemporary urban environment of Athens evolved through a disobedience to hierarchy and regulation and a celebration of the individual ego over collective consensus.

In the initial trial of the Urban Transcripts experiment, text-, image-, film- or design-based projects, explored the frenetic (r)evolution of Athens through a multitude of spontaneous individual interventions.

The 2010 exhibition and conference, was hosted in the Booze Cooperativa gallery in central Athens, and showcased 9 projects by 14 artists, architects, and researchers, selected through our open call. UT2010 composed an alternative contemporary narrative of the city of city of Athens; projects ranged from design proposals to methodologies of urban analysis, and from critical representations of the city through drawing, film, photography, and even poetry, to academic research.