London, UK | 2012 | workshop

UT2012 workshop

A 17-strong international tutor team of practising architects, researchers in architecture and urbanism, artists, and linguists led the “London, the (n)ever-changing city” Workshop. Focusing on London’s actual problematics, combining on-site visits, urban explorations, studio work and social events, the workshop was an interdisciplinary exercise in understanding the urban condition and working towards collaborative solutions.

The workshop’s main objective was to equip participants with a sharpened vision through which to comprehend the city as a complex interactive system. It aimed towards the development of collaborative strategies that challenge conventional methods of urban analysis and cut through disciplinary boundaries, encouraging creativity and originality.
Each of the 8 units of the workshop focused on a different methodological approach of urban investigation and was framed by a set of themes, particular to London, to be explored. Urban explorations, on-site visits, and group work, formed the key pedagogical elements in each unit, conducted by a team of guest and host tutors: guest tutors were primarily responsible for the methodological support, while host tutors were primarily responsible for the unit’s thematic and contextual framework.
Additionally, the workshop included a series of transversal activities, such as lectures, film screenings, and social events.


UNIT 1 - Mapping common spaces in South-East London (Hackney Wick)

TUTORS: Eleni Tzirtzilaki, Angeliki Zervou | PARTICIPANTS: Marica Martino

UNIT 2 - Gentrification: What's next?

TUTORS: Igor Marko, Sandra Annunziata | PARTICIPANTS: Charissa Tang, Isabella Rossen, Laura Polizzi

UNIT 3 - Hackney Wick, from fringe to centre: urban and social integration after the Olympics

TUTORS: Petra Havelksa, Joanne Pouzenc | PARTICIPANTS: Anna Aubry, Michela Leoni, Gauri Avasak Yennawar, Matthieu Becker

UNIT 4 - This is not a lunch map

TUTORS: Aslihan Senel, Francis Moss | PARTICIPANTS: Ece Yetim, Onur Karadeniz, Wolke Vandenberghe

UNIT 5 - Mapping emergence: nomads, nodes, paths, and strings

TUTORS: Eugenia Fratzeskou, Regner Ramos | PARTICIPANTS: Valentina Chiesa, Riccardo Conti, Zlatina Kalaydzhieva, Hedeieh Miri

UNIT 6 - Hopscotch: public space as architecture of in-between places

TUTORS: Laura Narvaez, Jorge Lopez | PARTICIPANTS: Marcella Leone, Angelene Clarcke, Martino Cassano

UNIT 7 - The fullness of void: the present of the Heygate Estate

TUTORS: Felipe Lanuza, Fabiano Micocci | PARTICIPANTS: Elisa Bodigoi, Preye Kpiki, Nurit Moscovici Amar, Katharina Kaufmann

UNIT 8 - What to make of London?

TUTORS: Samantha Goodchild, Carolina Grzech, Sofia Xanthopoulou | PARTICIPANTS: Gemma Drake