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Launching soon!

The Urban Transcripts Journal  

Launching March 2017

Urban Transcripts was born of a desire to create a new tool through which to explore the city as a complex phenomenon in a participatory and cross-disciplinary way. It was initiated in 2010 as an annual programme of events such as exhibitions, conferences, and workshops, focused on, and hosted in, a different city every year. Our point of departure was to grasp and effectively communicate the complexity of the city through a three-fold “urban transcript” where arts, theory and research, architecture and urbanism, complement and confront one-another.
Continuing this journey, The Urban Transcripts Journal aims to unravel the complexity of the City through a synergy of verbal and visual content. Our core mission is to advance a multitude of knowledges of the City, formulated through creative media, research inquiry, urban design and planning practice. We are particularly committed to promoting original work by young researchers, professionals, and creatives, including postgraduate and PhD students.
Beyond the traditional article format the journal brings together together analytical, creative, and theoretical investigations of the City: Urban Design projects and proposals;  Mapping and urban visualisations; Short artilcles; Long articles; Drawing and Photography; Short Film; Interviews; Book reviews.
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